Collection: The Styling Handbook

The Styling Handbook has been created to guide you through every aspect of content creation from deciding what and when to share, to creating - producing, styling, shooting and directing - with optimum efficiency, getting the most from every shoot and ensuring the maximum impact on each of your marketing channels.

Focusing on still image photography for content, social media and direct marketing or advertising, each chapter covers an aspect of content creation and marketing. 

Reading one or two sections will help you improve your confidence and creative output but working through every section, in the correct order is recommended to get the biggest boost to your content marketing.

Sophie has written these chapters for business owners, product designers and marketers who want to create professional-level content in-house to elevate their marketing. 

Perhaps you are at the start of your business journey, you don't have the budget to use a photography studio or you just need so much content that you have to do some of it in-house - whatever the reason you will find it empowering to have these skills and your business/team will be more robust for it too.

The Styling Handbook is also helpful for anybody wanting to learn about styling and photography (and the bigger picture of marketing) but as Sophie goes on to explain in the introduction - there is a huge difference in what is required to create quality content (which can be done well with a phone camera) and what you will need to learn to become a styling or photography professional. 

The Styling Handbook will give you a content creation framework to follow, industry tricks and secrets as well as checklists and shortcuts - which are invaluable for anybody wanting to learn how to master shooting and highlighting the features and benefits of your product. But if you want to be able to flex those skills to work on different brands each day like the pros do, that can only come with practise and experience - there is no short cut to that but we will soon have a chapter on creating a portfolio and getting into creative careers.

The Styling Handbook
  • Kelly Stretton, chef

    The content and structure is exactly what I've been looking for. I had done a few styling courses whilst training at Leith's and your info is above and beyond.

  • Kathryn Fell, photographer

    I loved how you put the day together with plenty of time to try setting up scenes and having a play. We all go away with unique sets ups to us, which is unusual on courses as you are usually photographing the same thing.

  • Pascale Dupenois, ceramicist

    By far the most insightful and empowering styling and photography advice I’ve had. The structure of the information, how you guide and remind each step is so helpful.