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This unique content creation method teaches you how to plan, create, check and diversify for EVERY piece of film or photography content.

You will learn -

  • the 9 key decisions you need to make BEFORE you get your camera out
  • how to stay FOCUSED and meet your marketing aims
  • the best ORDER to set up and style your content step-by-step for PROFESSIONAL-QUALITY content 
  • what to check for and how to REFINE like an art director
  • how to plan, write down, forget, create and check so you can ENJOY the creative process!

And it will stop you missing the mark and making annoying errors you only spot later, making you a content creation WIZARD!

This unique 4 part content creation method has been developed over many years of teaching group photography workshops and in-house content creation training.

I’ve taught this method to in-house creatives, social media managers, photographers wanting to diversify, chefs, bloggers and many others wanting to up their confidence and increase their content quality and output.

The accompanying 'cheat sheet' of prompts and checklists has been designed to be used as a blueprint to help you create professional-level content every time.

This chapter is the nuts and bolts bit; a methodical process and structure to follow. It is the most important chapter to help you work efficiently and style beautifully. And enjoy the process!

I haven't numbered the chapters because you can dip in and out as you like, but if I had this would be chapter 1! Everything else is the icing on the cake; this is the cake!

If you're new to content creation then starting here is perfect as it will teach you how professional content is produced and how you can mimic industry standards and tricks in your own content creation.

The insights in this chapter will help you discover what else you can learn too!

Please note - this chapter is not full of pretty pictures; in fact there are less than 5 in total!

I'm sure you're great at collecting inspiration images, I love Pinterest too! But they don't tell you how they got there do they?

And if I was to disect a piece of content and tell you step by step what I did - that is one shot, one composition.

Learning one composition or copying one shot is like learning one recipe - it doesn't make you a chef; learning the principles of food and flavour does!

So I want to teach you the fundamentals of content creation, so you can apply them to hundreds of pieces of content in different styles, for different brands and for different purposes.

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