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25 tried and tested food and product styling compositions for various angles, styles and scales.

If you lack confidence, time or both these templates will help you nail some easy wins and rattle through your shot list with balanced, interesting, fool- proof compositions.

You'll also know when you've done enough instead of going on and on and on questioning your work! Trust us, less is often more and done is better than perfect.

In this chapter you'll find composition ideas as images and diagrams with notes on how to achieve them - prop suggestions, formats that work well, aesthetic styles they lean towards and more.

This is not about in-depth styling theory (we cover that in a different chapter!) these are ideas to inspire your styling if you don't know where to start or find yourself repeating the same old formats. (Which isnt always a bad thing; if they work well! But if you're styling is limited due to lack of confidence or experience thats different!)

You can use the templates to 'style by numbers' or just use them as a starting point when you're low on inspiration.

If you're used to shooting things that already exist (weddings, locations, restaurant food) and struggle to create a product or food-led shot this chapter will be of huge value to you.

Covering food, product and lifestyle content there are ideas to suit every angle, scale and crop.

It gives you permission to keep it simple, get the shot and move on - something we all struggle with in the early days when we question every detail and can't tell when we've done enough.

This chapter will introduce you to lots of styling terminology and a bit of theory, giving you a glimpse of more complex theory and directing you to learn more as needed.

This chapter is not about;

  • in-depth styling + composition theory (but we introduce lots of snippets of theory and have another chapter on that)
  • how to use natural light (again, that's another chapter)
  • the kit you need (you guessed it, that's covered else where)
  • the content creation process - how to plan, create, direct + diversify like a pro (that's our 4 part method)

If you're new to content creation the 4-part method is the best place to start to learn about the entire content creation process, as used by the pros.