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Natural light - where to find it, how to control it, what to avoid, why its beautiful, why its some times crap, how to edit it and more.

It absolutely IS possible to create impactful content using natural light; but you'll need to learn some tricks.

Get your kit list (less than £50 all in) and everything you need to know to make natural light pop in this chapter.

This content creation method has been developed over many years of teaching group photography workshops and in-house content creation training.

I’ve taught this method to in-house creatives, social media managers, photographers wanting to diversify, chefs, bloggers and many others wanting to up their confidence and increase their content quality and output.

The accompanying 'cheat sheet' of prompts and checklists has been designed to be used as a blueprint to help you create professional-level content every time.

You can use it to master solo content creation, to get a better understanding of commercial film and photography shoots or to go on to work as a freelancer or within a professional team. 

Please note - this chapter is not full of pretty pictures; this is the nuts and bolts bit, a methodical process and structure to follow.

It is the most important chapter to help you work efficiently and style beautifully.

I haven't numbered the chapters because you can dip in and out as you like, but if I had this would be chapter 1!

Everything else is the icing on the cake; this is the cake!

If you're new to content creation then starting here is perfect as it will teach you how professional content is made and how you can mimic industry standards and tricks in your own content creation.

The insights in this chapter will help you discover what else you can learn too!

This chapter is not about;

  • styling + compostion theory (but we have other chapters on those)
  • how to use natural light (again, that's another chapter)
  • the kit you need (you guessed it, that's covered else where)

But it does give insights into all of these things and most of all and most importantly, it gives you a deep understanding of the content creation process and its best practise for optimal results, as used by the pros.

Thi is the foundation to everything else and. agreta place to start and expand from.