content marketing strategy

the science bit - doing the research, refining your message, setting your intentions, formulating a plan

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from intelligent planning comes effortless style

As you can probably tell; I love helping people plan and produce the content they need to succeed.

Many people struggle to style and create because they don't have clear aims; they feel so excited (or pressured) to produce content they forgo planning. It rarely goes well does it?! This can be debilitating and completely crush your confidence.

But you don't have to stay 'stuck'.

Together we can develop fundamental strategy documents that will become your blueprints for creating content; and then you can style and create like the professionals do, following a plan!

Or we can manage your online marketing and social media for you.

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Strategy, content creation + SM management for The Cottonworks Bistro

  • your brand style

    A signature style gives you a visual framework to work to. By uncovering the essence of your brand and refining its authentic style, curated inspiration images, swatches and directional notes will guide you in creating content that's not only beautiful and recognisable but also much quicker and inexpensive to produce.

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  • communication guide

    To go hand in hand with your style direction, a communication guide sets the tone of voice, sharing etiquette, graphic elements and more to get the most from every channel.

    This is an essential guide if you need to share or handover any of your marketing - words and tone can be harder to 'get' than visuals!

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  • content marketing strategy

    Honing in on your brands purpose and core values, a marketing mix and communication plan delivers your key messages with integrity and style, reflecting your brand and rewarding your business, while building an engaged and loyal tribe of customers and prospects.

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